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Intoweb's performance management system is a brilliant system to implement to effectively manage the performance of your employees.

Performance Management Unplugged - half day seminar
Johannesburg 25 August / Nelspruit 27 August

If you manage people, you should attend.

Now, more than ever, you need your people to perform. You cannot afford to have any "passengers" in your business. Passengers cost money that comes straight off your bottom line. When we employ someone there is an agreement in place. Often, the person produces a level of productivity that is less than what was agreed to in the first place - and then we try to "performance manage" them to the level of productivity that they agreed to in the first place! Wrong! That is what we call "delivery management", and that is not what we want! A manager's responsibility is to hire performers and then keep them performing.

Your business will only achieve high performance through high performing people. Performance Management Unplugged will show you how to easily design and implement a simple, no-nonsense performance management system that gets people to perform simply because they want to.

This seminar focuses on helping you develop a simple performance management strategy that really works, and that can be applied easily as a daily management tool. The idea is for performance management to become such an integral part of your day-to-day management function, that performance requirements are willingly met, thereby increasing productivity and profitability - and also saving you a lot of time and effort.

You will learn how to:

Have a performance conversation that clarifies expectations on both sides Design and implement a simple performance management strategy that really works Develop a "responsibility consciousness" in yourself and your people Discern between managing and measuring performance Use performance management as an ongoing strategy to get the best out of your people The benefits:

Make your job easier Have more productive staff, and thereby a more profitable company Catch mistakes as they are made and not when it is too late Happier, more confident and productive managers and staff

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