Learner Management System

The Learner Management System (LMS) module is an e-learning application for learner training, administration of the training and documentation of training content. Also Intoweb's Edulearn system manages student's details, courses registrations, assignments and marks. The LMS can be fully integrated into the other Intoweb Modules and can be thus be used for in-service training as well as external learners.

  • Search by course, qualification, course module and SAQA standards
  • Different campuses can have unique period scheduling for multiple campuses
  • Manage once off course prices and monthly payments
  • Records student payments
  • Qualifications and awards consist of core and elective courses
  • Qualification courses can be set on a yearly basis
  • Course credits are managed
  • Course scheduling
  • Courses and assessments are split up into modules
  • Courses and assessments are deadlines specified with email notifications
  • Modules link to lecturers, eLearning, assessment or assignments
  • Marking templates link to specific outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Students register online with multi-dynamic forms
  • Documentation uploads for registration, such as ID documents
  • Processing of applications
  • Scheduling applicants interviews
  • Student portal for handling materials, feedback, finances and uploads of assignments
  • Bulk email and sms's for students
  • Module and marking temple weightings
  • Process
    Course Administrator
    • Create unit standards
    • Create course
    • Define course modules
    • Define marking template
    • Create qualification/award
    • Link courses to qualifications/awards
    • Define qualification/course periods
    • Lecturers rank assignments
    Student Admin
    • Receive application
    • Check information/documentation
    • Allocate payment
    • Generate student number
    • Generate username and password
    • Generate academic reports, transcripts and certificates
    Student Portal
    • Register online for courses
    • Submit documents such as ID documents, matric marks, etc.
    • Upload assignments
    • View marks
    • View statements
  • Create Qualifications, Courses and Modules.
  • Courses can belong to multiple Qualifications.
  • Qualifications and awards consist of core and elective courses
  • Qualification courses can be set on a yearly basis
  • Marking Templates have specific outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Course credits are managed
  • Modules are lessons and assignments
  • Assignments can be compulsory
  • Course evaluation is a final compulsory Assignment, and other courses cannot be accessed if a compulsory assignment has not been completed (ie evaluation not completed)
  • Enrollment
  • Entrepreneurs are enrolled into a Programme at the end of selection process
  • Entrepreneurs can be enrolled manually
  • Entrepreneurs can be enrolled into Individual courses
  • Entrepreneur notifications for registration
  • Student Teaching
  • Student search
  • Track Assignments
  • Mark Assignments
  • Notifications
  • View attendance
  • Assignment Templates and Feedback Templates
  • Assignment deadlines
  • Missed session > 2 notification
  • Attendance register and management
  • Reporting
  • By Branch, Programme, Year, Quarter and Course
  • Assignment overview per course
  • Assignment overview per entrepreneur
  • Student list per course / Branch
  • Performance reporting
  • Entrepreneur learning transcript
  • Screenshots

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