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EduClass is a software system used for managing lecture based training classroom bookings. The system manages room information, student reservations, reminders, equipment, attendance and booking authorizations.


  • Public Employee Course view

    • Calendar view
    • Course view
    • Simple link from current Intranet system
    • iCal (Microsoft Exchange) calendar integration (email)

  • Attendance register

    • Employees can indicate their presence via an attendance register

  • Bookings

    • Course Request management
    • Request authorization via employees manager
    • Employee Course history listing

  • Administration

    • Send out confirmation emails
    • Print nametags
    • Manual adding of employee course bookings
    • User Management drawn from EduQuiz
    • Holiday administration (Fixed and variable)
    • Branch / Venue Management
    • Employee management drawn from EduQuiz
    • Departments can have cost codes assigned to them
    • Previous course / students information import

  • Reports

    • Report on training per department per date range
    • Venue usage report
    • Course attendance report
    • Booking / attendance anomaly report
    • Equipment loss and damage report
    • Training reviews report

Course view
The Course view will list all available courses, with their next scheduled date, if one exists. Entering a name of a course will search for a course similar to that name. Clicking on the course name will bring up the course information.

Course information
The course information page shows more information about the course as entered by the administrator.



Booking form

Course Administration

Modify Course

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