Providing ERP software solutions since 2001

Intoweb Business provides ERP software solutions and Learner Management software for businesses and colleges revolutionizing the way companies communicate internally and externally.

Our suite of ERP software includes LMS, HRIS, Financial software and Intranet software such as content and document management. We customise according to the company’s needs.

The ERP and LMS tools can be used as standalone or as a full suite providing a comprehensive and unified digital workspace for your company

We have a simple process. Select the ERP solution or LMS module according to your need. We can create a demo  and quote for you. Once purchased, Intoweb walks the road with you in training relevant staff during the setup phase.

Contact us for the range of ERP and LMS software solutions which can benefit your businesses.

Our History

Intoweb is a South African born company, and since 2001 have become one of the leaders in ERP and LMS software. Our software modules are diverse, resulting in reaching overseas businesses.

We believe in bringing value to our product, constant development and walking the road together with our clients to make an effective ERP solution


Process to get started

  • Which ERP software solutions are you looking for
  • Chat with us for a free demo of the ERP or LMS software
  • Select the ERP software package you would like, such as a monthly rental, or support package
  • We will send you a quote
  • Purchase the software license
  • Setup, training and support with Intoweb

Does Intoweb provide training for ERP software and LMS software

  • Yes
  • We provide online in-person training
  • Training material on the ERP solution

Common questions

  • Is the ERP software available for my team to access?
    Intoweb Business’ ERP and LMS is online, and thus the intranet information is fully accessible when online, and logged in.
  • Is the information safe?
    Users have unique logins and can access what they have user rights for. Secure processes are in place on the server and the software to protect your information. (provided staff keep their logins safe)
  • Can I draw reports? 
    Yes, the ERP software and LMS software have reports available per module, and can be customised in certain cases according to your company’s needs
  • I have access, now what?
    We walk the road with you to train, and help set-up of your systems
  • Can we customise the look and feel of the ERP software modules?
    Your intranet is customised with your branding colours, logos and dashboard information
  • Can I use the ERP software for an umbrella company?
    Yes, when the ERP solution setup is done, these details are added as requested Intoweb has a unique multi-dashboard feature, where each of the subdivisions have their own access, and Head Office has the over-all view.

Can I see what I am purchasing

Contact us for a demo request for your business ERP software solution