Intoweb’s Asset Tracking software is designed to manage & control all of your mobile and fixed assets utilizing various input devices. Our Asset Tracking software tracks all your assets at all times, wherever they might be and also takes record of who has taken possession of each asset, also calculating the costs associated with each of the assets



Intoweb’s Asset Tracking software makes use of various input devices including barcodes, scanners and picture identifications, easing the initial capturing of your assets as well as the ongoing management thereof. We also ensure that we stay ahead of the industry by integrating iPads for concurrent Asset Tracking.   Ensuring that pictures are captured & stored of each asset allows for a seamless process when it comes to insurance claims or lost & stolen assets.


Asset Tracking – Processes

    • Asset data collection via mobile devices, desktop pc’s or cloud computing
    • Tracking and assigning assets for production with bar coding
    • Full asset alerts in the process flow chain
    • Depreciation calculating on assets

Intoweb’s Asset Tracking software provides clients the ability to customize the software to their specific needs, create queries and build asset lists. The whole life cycle of an asset is kept on system including purchase details, guarantees/warrantees, maintenance notes, physical movement and images.


A complete Asset Tracking software system supplies management with detailed information, allowing for informed decision making from our detailed reports.

Our system also makes use of email and sms notifications with easy search functionality via our web-based Asset Tracking management system.