Integrating Biometric Fingerprint Controls in Business Systems

Biometric fingerprinting integrating business software such as workflow, attendance and document management software.

When talking biometric fingerprint controls, you automatically assume that they are referring to access control or time and attendance as up to now this has been the main areas in which biometric fingerprint controls have been used. With Intoweb however, you will experience a whole new advancement in the use of biometric fingerprint controls, as you can now integrate biometric fingerprint controls in general workflows and document management as well as various other business management systems.

DMS & biometrics

Need better control over your documents? We can integrate biometric fingerprint controls with your document management system, ensuring a very secure system, prohibiting anyone from accessing any documents not available to them. You can set access to certain users for specific documents which is then accesses by a biometric fingerprint control.

Workflows & biometrics

To ensure that your workflows are executed by the relevant personnel we integrate biometric fingerprint controls with your workflow management system. Intoweb’s workflow management system allows you to create workflows within your company whereby you assign certain tasks to specific employees. They then access their specific tasks via the biometric fingerprint controls, allowing them to complete tasks and provide feedback, after which the workflow process then progresses to the next employee assigned within the workflow.

Access control & biometrics

With our state of the art access control systems that utilize biometric fingerprint controls you can manage your access control system remotely via the web. Allow access to specific entrants to specific areas as needed and also integrate into a home owner’s member management system for a fully integrated access control management system. We can fully customize the access control system to your specific requirements.

biometrics in workflow