Intranet custom software development is important for companies to get solutions tailored to their requirements.

With the fast and rapid pace businesses and technology is growing, there is a constant need for new types of systems and custom software development. Intoweb specialize in business solutions with more than 50 different intranet modules that fully integrate, we are constantly tweaking our existing systems to fit our client’s exact requirements, on the other hand, Intoweb also do custom software development, where we help companies to automate and optimize all their internal and external processes and systems.

To make sure that Intoweb do the best custom software development, we have workshops until both parties agrees that the solution and specification document covers all aspects of the requirements, this is referred to as ‘professional services’ and is done by Intoweb’s experienced specialists.

By doing custom software development companies can integrate their current system with the new developed systems, Intoweb also caters for already developed systems (Process Flow Management) that is able to adapt and can be set up to accommodate for almost every process within a company. This system also enables companies to identify and remove bottlenecks, track and have a full audit trail of who is responsible for their specific tasks.

If custom software development when you have a portfolio of existing systems that you can re-use use when making new systems, without reinventing the wheel, will same the client a lot of time and money.

Whilst busy developing the custom software, our developers do unit testing to ensure that the systems is on par. Systems that have been developed also need to be tested properly (user testing) in order to make sure that the custom software development is working and done properly without any bugs or dysfunctions. Thereafter client testing begins.

After the custom software development has been properly tested, it is launched and the system administrators and users will be trained to use the system before going live.