Documents have always had their place in day to day business; Document Management might have referred to your filing cabinet many years ago but in this modern technology driven age Document Management refers to the digital storage of documents. Intoweb Durban offers and unparalleled Document Management System as part of our intranet based business solutions.

With Intoweb Durban’s web based solutions you can rest assured your documents are not only secure within our Document Management System but they will also be available to the relevant staff from literally anywhere with an internet connection. This makes our Document Management System flexible and adaptable but also means you won’t have to fit that filing cabinet in your boot to make sure you have the right documents and forms on hand.

Corporate security and company information is very important to any company; at Intoweb Durban we have made sure that our Document Management System is secure. Documents and folders are only available to the relevant staff or division (But can be shared if required) and a full audit trail of the documents is available to track any misuses of company documents.

At Intoweb Durban our solutions always provide a saving on your bottom line and our Document Management System is no different. Printing and copying of old forms and documents over and over again can become very costly, not to mention the poor quality of a document that is a copy of a copy of a copy.

Document Management is key to all forms of business, whether to secure your documents in case of fire and theft, to track and audit usage of company documents, to save money on your bottom line or all of the above you can’t go wrong with an intranet based Document Management Solution from Intoweb Durban.

To set up an appointment with one of our Durban sales staff for a detailed analysis of your Intranet needs, contact Garth Van Der Woude on 031 767 4059 or 072 460 9831.

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