Are you having ERP problems? Most probably information is not moving effectively between systems and people. Here are the 7 most common ERP problems:

1. POOR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN IT AND MANAGEMENT. The IT department do not have the business skills to convey the information in a format that management needs it, and management has difficulty in communicating and being understood.

2. SYSTEMS NEED REPLACEMENT. The IT department say that their systems cannot produce the results management need, and new ERP software is required.

3. EXECUTIVES CANNOT GET THE INFORMATION THEY NEED — Executives cannot get the information they need from the business systems even though they know that the raw data is being processed.

4. IT PROJECTS FAIL TO PRODUCE MEANINGFUL INFORMATION. Your organization has attempted major IT and ERP projects which have failed or have stalled.

5. TECHNOLOGY IS MOVING TOO FAST. Management and IT cannot keep up with the relentless pace of technology, and it seems that as soon as one technology is installed, there is better technology available to solve ERP problems.

6. OUTSOURCE IR OR INSOURCE IT. It is constant challenge whether to outsource to experts or to develop expertise inhouse keeps changing.

7. INTEGRATION OF SYSTEMS. Management is constantly told to upgrade system should new integrations be required. information systems are not integrated and management have been told that this requires that they replace all systems with an integrated solution, creating further ERP problems.

Intoweb Business Solutions offers solutions for your ERP problems. Intoweb ERP software will allow you to keep your existing systems, existing infrastructure, existing IT people, and turn data into information and provides means to collate information from multiple different systems.