Anyone operating a small business and seeking to incorporate a solid IT strategy can consider utilizing Google Apps or applications in terms of Google intranet integration. There are a number of benefits including affordability, functionality and simplicity, which can boost efficiency and effectiveness of an organizations network. These applications can enable one to integrate their domain or website for establishing the following, as well as other applications, which are continually being developed and introduced. These are some of the common applications and associated features:

  • User emails, including custom emails on own domain as well as Gmail, which allows twenty five gigabytes storage per account, mail search tools and integrated chat.
  • Email migration tools, which allow upgrading to Google Apps without losing existing emails.
  • Google Docs cater for document creation and sharing without managing attachments.
  • Google Calendar enables meeting coordination and resource management with sharable calendars.
  • Extensibility APIs, these allow for the option to integrate with existing IT systems or third party solutions.
  • Corporate intranet site
  • Twenty-four-hour customer support service via p hone and email

Google Apps is powered by GAE or Google Application Engine, which is a cloud service for developing and hosting these web applications. It is free up to a certain level of consumed resources and fees are charged for additional storage, bandwidth, or instance hours needed by the application. These cloud services involve sharing of resources, software and information provided to computers as a utility over a network or the internet; thereby also enabling Google intranet integration.

Pre-existing intranets can also be integrated by registering for Google Apps cloud services such as the above. These shared services offer the benefit of the software applications and support as the respective organization itself does not require their own IT infrastructure to benefit. They are also able to integrate other cloud-based applications and integrate it within the network. An intranet is essentially an internal or private internet, where information is shared and accessible only to users within the network or those granted special permission.

There are millions of small businesses employing Google Apps and benefiting in terms of Google intranet integration. Independent of the size of network one requires their own domain to implement Google Apps. In consideration of the above it is worth looking at what benefits and features are included in a free Google Apps account:

  • It offers communication, collaboration and publishing tools, including email accounts on the organizations own domain.
  • Ten user accounts are included with over seven gigabytes email storage capacity and one gigabyte for Google Docs.
  • Migration from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps is possible with a Google Apps Business or Education account.
  • Google Apps can be personalized with own logo together with a corporate intranet site that is founded for members of the domain.
  • There are several intranet site formats to select as well as practical and popular calendar application scripts from other Google Apps users. This is also a popular application when it comes to Google intranet integration.
  • One can essentially setup a project management site, without spending over fifty dollars per month per user, with other cloud services.
  • The easiest method to access ones Google Apps account is via an organizations, including NPOs, intranet site.
  • Quick and easy to register, access and use.

Google employs custom automation solutions to help organizations integrate more seamlessly with Google services. Their tailored solutions can help businesses establish and reinforce integration between their cloud based Google Applications and between Google’s cloud services and their local network. Consideration of the above applications, the features and benefits, including affordability, make it an attractive choice for organizations to opt for Google intranet integration; as they strive for improved operational and networking capability.