Need to create a company intranet? In the wake of the Internet boom most companies have realised the need for an intranet and have become much more that static pages of information and news, they have evolved into sophisticated web applications that enhance and enrich the company operations. Allowing us to perform a mired of tasks in minutes from any location at anytime. With these advances in Internet development the door has been opened for enterprises to adopt the fastest growing web technology in the form of a company intranet.

A company intranet can be thought of as a private website accessible only by a company and its employees. It is accessed through a web browser in the same way you access an everyday web site, making it easily deployable companywide because it is not dependant on the operating system that a computer is running.

Employees are required to authenticate with the company intranet with a secure and specific username and password enabling data security and automated auditing and tracking of the intranet, its users and company information. User specific authentication with the company intranet also enables each employee only to have access to the information that is relevant to their job description but also ensures that employee can easily be granted access to information that would ensure they complete their job efficiently.

The ability to manipulate data and perform tasks currently being performed by various different software platforms within various aspects or departments of a business is where a company intranet separates itself from regular websites or regular software. The centralising of all business tools under a unified interface can brings immediate benefits to an organisation, employee promotions for example will cause little disruption if additional roles are given as the employee is already familiar with the layout of the company intranet. The induction of new staff also becomes faster and the induction itself can take place on the company intranet by the employee.

The company intranet serves as the platform for employees to collaborate and communicate on ongoing tasks and projects within the company across all departments. It becomes a cost effective method of distributing company news and updates as well issuing changes in policy or procedures company wide.

At first glance it already becomes apparent a company intranet has the ability to manage information with superiority saving time and money without leaving behind a needless paper trail.