Understanding induction Management Software

Induction Management software is the key to all your new employee training and induction needs, offering you a tool to add, edit, manage, and control induction processes, broken down into the various steps that form the overall process.

With Intoweb’s Induction Management Software, you can set up your employees in their respective companies, divisions, departments, and sections. The system provides daily feedback on their induction process to the relevant manager or head of department upon completion.

Induction Management Software allows you to create many induction processes within your organization, each process broken into days and/or many steps, to be followed by the person being inducted. The steps in each process can be defined as a type consisting of the following:

  • Acceptance – A statement or policy can be assigned to the employee to read or an instruction can be assigned to an employee that needs to be accepted
  • Completion – A task can be assigned to an employee that needs to be completed
  • Confirmation – When it is expected from the employee to confirm something
  • Message – A related message is given to the employee
  • Read – The employee is expected to read a predetermined document / letter
  • Proceed – When the employee needs to proceed to the next process or other steps

With our Induction Management Software each step can also be attached to a certain document type, which then links a document to the step for the employees attention, consisting of the following:

  • Content Only – There is a text box in which data can be captured for the employees attention
  • Link – A link will be assigned to the step
  • Document – A basic document will be assigned to the specific step, with many formats allowed e.g. MS Word, MS Excel etc.
  • Interactive Document – An interactive document can be created which the employee then will need to complete, containing questions etc.

Induction Management Software offers you the following advantages:

  • Induct your employees, contractors or visitors
  • Create your own customized ready-to-use courses and induction processes
  • Test each employees knowledge while they are inducted
  • Induct from 1 to 5000 people with the same effort
  • Create induction courses for specific jobs & departments
  • Create Multiple courses & assessments
  • Collect feedback from all inductees
  • Customize your reports
  • Ease of access as the Induction Management Software can be accessed remotely and is available online.