Intranet Development Software can be approached at several different angles, some companies develop an intranet from scratch, some use their in-house developers and other companies however, buy already developed modules that are being used on a daily basis and have been tested properly.

At Intoweb, we approached Intranet Development Software with a modular fashion, all our modules, ranging from Financial Solutions, Human Resources Management and Management and reporting of various different systems that fully integrate with each other.

Intranet Development Software can also be developed in different languages i.e. (VB, PHP, ASP.NET etc), some build on a framework and some on a content management system. With more than 50+ different modules, Intoweb can offer most of the companies a total solution that is fully automated.

When looking at different Intranet Development Software, there are various things to look at when it comes to making a decision:

  • Accessible Web based systems on the Intranet
  • User Rights for departments and employees
  • Dashboard and look & feel
  • Support and Maintenance of the Intranet
  • Hosting the intranet in-house or by contractors
  • Testing of the new intranet / modules
  • Back-ups of Intranet data
  • Etc.

If you use the right Intranet Development Software, the development and setup of your different systems / modules or Intranet can be added or be done in days without any hassles of waiting for development and testing.