The iPad most definitely looks like a very fun toy to have in and around the house or office, giving you many features such as reading e-books to games to just basic web surfing, but the questions remains, how would it benefit you in the office & with your day-to-day business tasks?

Intoweb’s intranet based system will ease your frustrations when you want to manage your iPad and Document Management within your company. Intowebs cloud computing method allows you to store documents online, manage version control, eliminates any loss of information and improves your whole iPad experience when it comes to your iPad and Document Management.

Although it may seem that the iPad is designed for leisure, it surely has a role to play with its potential for business solutions. Herewith some valuable features in business the iPad will fulfill in the near future:

Business Presentations

The most valuable business feature of the iPad is its ability to visualize business information. The very sleek design and large display entices one to give it a second look, making the iPad the first choice for company presentations. iPad docks with VGA adapters letting you seamlisely connect to monitors or projectors, and iPad apps like Keynote will assist you hugely when giving professional presentations.

Mobile Information

The iPad is more bulky that your iPhone, but it will most defiantely allow you to take all of your business information with you on the go. You will surely be getting more work done with your iPad that on your iPhone with its small display and small keyboard. With your iPad and Document Management by Intoweb you will have mobile access to your documents, scans and other important information. Apps like iWork (designed specifically for the iPad), or QuickOffice for spreadsheets, takes advantage of the iPad’s smooth multi-touch features.

Mobile Connectivity

When your iPad is setup correctly with the most updated apps, you will always stay connect when you have a mobile connection such as 3G. As many businesses use cloud computing such as Intowebs Intranet system, you’ll be bale to access all of your important information all the time, even when your abroad. Whether it’s Intowebs CRM, invoicing systems or a simple to-do list, the iPad will have a slew of business related apps to make your life easier inside and outside the office. With Intowebs cloud based software systems, you’ll not only have constant access to your important business data from your iPad, but will also have the confidence that all of your data is automatically backed up remotely.

Input / Output Efficiency Within Corporate Structures

The advances in technology have now allowed companies to utilize iPads in their day-to-day operations for input of data (fingerprint or signatures), access to documents & information and output features. Intoweb will integrate your intranet system with iPads allowing you to cut costs and minimize time delays.

The iPad will prove to be crucial with deliveries where clients can access information regarding parcel progress, as well as fingerprint or signature confirmations on receipt of parcels.

There are many iPad apps available to make your iPad experience more enjoyable, but most of them fall short when it comes to your iPad and Document Management. Universally the method for moving files between your desktop and iPad will be utilizing iTunes, which is in the best of times a pretty bad experience.

The most enjoyable experience for your iPad and Document Management is to make use of a software system that saves your documents in the cloud (internet), allowing you access from all your mobile devices, iPad and your desktop. This way your files are always stored within the cloud and you wont experience problems with version control or losing information by rewriting files with new ones.

The two most used systems include DropBox and Google Docs, where you can create and store files online to either access or copy to your local mobile device. These options are great when you want a document management facility for you as a single user, but fall short when you want your company to utilize iPad and Document Management.

Intoweb will customize a solution for the seamless integration of iPads into your intranet for daily operation, ensuring a powerful system that manages all your documents and information.