In this era of innovation, technology is continually developing. Mobile development, in many ways, has been at the forefront of this evolution with the birth of smartphones, such as the Android and IPhone. An Android phone runs on the Google open source Android operating system. The IPhone is a line of internet and a multimedia-enabled smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. These phones have dazzled users with their amazing features and applications, including applications for CRM and mobile tracking

Top businesses need to be responsive and mobile-friendly to survive and grow. Customers place greater demand for convenience and rapid response, to the extent of expecting 24 hour customer service. This is made possible through mobile development CRM applications. Mobile CRM development has therefore gained a lot of importance, especially as professionals and entrepreneurs increasingly do business on the go. This application is completely web-based and has six main features.

1. Sales and automation:

  • Track leads from initiation to closure with one easy to use application.
  • Improves forecasting and the ability to manage lead opportunities more effectively.
  • Enables cross selling and up selling on customer base.
  • Allows for creating quotes and invoices, which can be emailed or printed.
  • The user can more easily identify and focus on the most profitable opportunities, through software efficiencies and prioritization.

2. Marketing automation:

This feature enables the user to acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships. It simplifies the process of campaign planning, execution and results measurement. Ultimately, this is an important feature enhancing bottom line and business longevity.

3. Customer support:

Improved customer support is a great competitive advantage. With the aid of mobile development this software offers this service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This feature provides the solution to address customer support challenges, in terms of the following:

  • Online customer help desk
  • Customer self-service
  • Customer portal
  • Email response
  • Analytical support

4. Employee support:

The focus here is the crucial element behind every customer interaction in terms of equipping and aiding employees in their respective roles. Asset management is also involved in this feature. The technology manages the assets used by employees in their entire work life cycle from, acquisition to retirement.

5. Project management:

Project management and defect tracking is a complete solution for both project management and software development needs. This solution helps one avoid redundant work. This ultimately improves productivity and profitability.

6. Back office support:

With advancement in mobile development and the CRM application one can now automate their order process and improve order fulfillment. This is a full 360-degree view of the customer transaction. It caters for facilitation and tracking of the process from quote to order and purchase, pricing as well as shipping information.With mobile development and the integration of CRM software organizations can now reduce sales downtime. This basically increases customer face time and wins more deals. The streamlining effects and improvements allow for faster and more efficient service, customer relations and improved operational competencies.