Software Business Solutions is commonly used and developed by more and more companies world-wide. The reason why so many companies invest in business software is because they can track and manage every single aspect of their business and feel more hands on than ever before.

These days companies use Intranets to manage all their software business solutions in one single view, that is available online twenty-four-seven. Also when going this route, you can include HR, Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Process Flow Management, Document Management and all the other types of systems available on the market these days.

The intranet also caters for the integration between all the various different systems that the specific companies use. By making use of software business solutions, companies can automate all their internal processes and have a complete audit trail of every thing that has and that has not been done.

Furthermore, software business solutions enable you to move everything from paper based and manual processes to electronic and automated processes, all these relevant information can then pulled in presentable ‘reporting’ format.

Software business solutions also include custom development whereby we develop custom solutions for any requirement whatsoever. When developing custom solutions, we normally draw up an in-depth specifications sheet (including workshops and current system or process review) and timeframes on how long it will take to complete the project.

Intoweb approach software business solutions with a modular fashion. This means that all our systems can be bought one by one and allows for it to plug into your current intranet or current environment, this also ensures that the modules are more affordable than systems of a combined nature or developed from scratch.