With the technology and resources available today, there is no need for colleges, universities, schools and any other training institution to manage their students on a spreadsheet, access database or in some cases even manually. We developed a Student Management Software that will manage and track all the aspects of your training environment.

With the Student Management Software you will be able to manage and track all the students, classes, courses, tests, venues and even holidays. The Student Management Software also allows the students to log in and see scheduled dates of all lectures, exams and they can also access their results of certain assignments and tests.

The Student Management Software caters for imports and exports, should you wish to import or export any data from or to the system. Student reviews is also recorded to see what students say about specific courses or lecturers.

Lecturers can also make use of the Student Management Software, they can use it to display leave so that students know when specific lecturers will not be available. Lecturers can also upload certain material, news and training dates.

The Student Management Software track training that takes place at different venues and lecturers as well as students can also plan in advance with the events calendar that is build into the system.

Reporting on monthly training, staff leave and various other data is also available in the Student Management Software.