Any company with a fleet of vehicles has the constant problem of managing the traffic fines generated by the drivers of their company vehicles. The more vehicles in your fleet, the bigger the headache, trying to ascertain which driver was driving what vehicle at a specific time a traffic infringement was committed & then trying to deduct the said traffic fines from the correct drivers’ remuneration.

With AARTO’s new traffic violation demerit points system coming into place, it just improves the level of confusion and management required to effectively facilitate your fleet’s traffic fines management.

Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences, in short AARTO, is South-Africa’s new traffic offence demerit points system, whereby demerit points are earned on your driving license for all less serious traffic offences.

For every less serious traffic offence you will earn demerit points on your driving license until you exceed 12 points, at which your license will be suspended for 3 months and if your incur 3 suspensions your driver’s license will be revoked. In the case where you ignore your fines you could lose some of your possessions & your driving license.

With Intowebs Traffic Fine Management software system you will be able to effectively manage all fo the following:

Tracking of drivers per vehicles booked out

Intowebs Traffic Fine Management software allows you to manage all vehicles and drivers, enabling the drivers to book out vehicles as they use them, logging times they are in possession of certain vehicles, distances traveled, places visited & reason for vehicle use

Allocation of fines to active drivers

When any traffic fines are received by your company, it is loaded onto the system, which then automatically asses which driver was in possession of the said vehicle at the time of the traffic violation and then allocate the fine to the responsible driver.

Automatic deduction of traffic fines from driver salaries / payslips

The Traffic Fine Management software is integrated with the HR system which facilitates payslips & automatically deducts the fine from all drivers concerned, ensuring you are reimbursed for all company related traffic fines.

Management of AARTO points on driver licenses

In some cases company regulations state that points deducted with the AARTO system by drivers while driving company vehicles will result in some penalties, which the Traffic Fine Management system also manages.

Reporting of drivers & fines

Detailed reports are generated on all of the above matters, ensuring for the effective management and feedback of all company traffic violations and demerit points. Some of the reports include:

  • Traffic fines per driver report
  • Demerit points incurred by driver report
  • Employee fine deductions report per driver and total
  • All reports generated per driver, per vehicle or per date range

Intowebs Traffic Fine Management software will ensure that your headache is cleared by fully facilitating all of your traffic fine management needs. We will also customize the software to adhere to your companies specific needs.