Dealers are individuals or firms that engage in trading; vehicle dealerships are business that buy and sell new or used cars. Every dealership aims to be efficient in service delivery, while reducing costs and maximizing revenue, thus the use of Vehicle dealership software. This software enables dealerships to track and manage their inventory as well as improve communications internally.

Dealerships are constantly looking for new ways to manage their inventory, including tracking within the dealership and stock taking via barcodes. The software applications basically automate daily operational activities and inventory control. These programs have the capability of controlling inventory, printing addendums or reports and updating the DMS or Dealer Management System in real-time.

Vehicle dealership software can now convert and import Tracker data, so one can track their inventory location at any point. The software uses state-of-the-art wireless technology with barcode scanning and printing equipment. The following are the key features of the software summarized as well as benefits of barcoding:

  • Scanning and posting of new vehicles once they arrive
  • Print stock stickers, key tags and addenda
  • Retrieval and printing of invoices and reports and posting of dealer transfers
  • Physical Inventory and inventory control, both new and used
  • Compare physical inventory to Floorplan automatically
  • Uses technology such as smartelematics that employs GPS, cellular, and advanced ports, to keep track of vehicles in real-time.
  • Vehicles are tracked and monitored 24/7 for accurate inventory control in real time
  • Find location of vehicle from any web-enabled device including mobile phones
  • Track test drives
  • Automatically update DMS with last known GPS location
  • Determine age of vehicles in inventory
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Up to 5 Geofences to maintain vehicle inventory

There are also several benefits to the barcoding system of Vehicle dealership software:

  • Improves data accuracy
  • Increases speed
  • Increases cost savings
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Improves customer service
  • Improves decision making
  • Enables tracking and tracing

Vehicle dealership software also improves communication within the organization; these solutions increase intranet usage and reduce internal mass emails. Here are five communication channels and their benefits that improve internal communication.

1. Corporate screensaver messaging:

This is a highly effective communications tool that one can use to achieve targeted employee communication via screensaver messages to specified staff groups. Interactive screen saver messages drive staff to updated intranet or share-point pages; this helps them find files on the network, encourages them to participate in staff surveys and gathers business improvement ideas.

2. Pop-up desktop alert:

This function when enabled allows message to stay on the screen or continue to recur at scheduled intervals. It prompts the employee to act on it or acknowledge that they have read it. The system can be used to broadcast breaking news as it bypasses emails altogether.

3. Pop-up quiz tool:

This uses desktop staff quizzes to increase skills and knowledge. This feature Includes research hyperlinks to build capability. Again the desktop staff quiz tool bypasses emails, giving employees the option to answer now or later.

4. Internal newsletter tool:

This unique staff magazine format reduces information overload by combining mass emails and updates into an internal newsletter. Its design allows staff the option to scan summaries or click links for more detail. Anyone can easily submit their message into the relevant section of the newsletter.

5. Communications management:

This measures the attitudes of the employees. It enables tracking of common trends or focus areas. The feature essentially assesses the impact of the vehicles management software in the area of internal communications.The above elements have been woven into the vehicle software, making it an efficient, full-featured and affordable system. The Vehicle dealership software and support allows vehicle dealerships to maximize on profitability. As they continue to develop current automotive dealerships are forging ahead and capitalizing on increased sales and lower expenditure.