A Learner Management System, or commonly known as LMS is a software system designed to enable administration, tracking, documenting and reporting for various e-learning or training programs. Learner Management Systems are purchased to meet various requirements, from managing SCORM based material to high availability, high stability, customization to company requirements, high interoperability, disaster recovery, clustering and various other features.

The latest Learner Management Systems are generally web based and allow the instructor to manage their courses and place them into the system for a learner to access, apply for and work through. The Learner Management System allows for the remote management of courses where learners can be in various parts of the world and all have access to the same system, which caters for companies with national and even international branches.

With the use of a Learner Management System, one is able to manage course access for users or learners, manage course properties as well as track learner usage and create reports. Learners log into the system, work through the course material. Some systems allow for the manager or virtual teacher to be available in real time to assist the learner as well as comment on their work.

Features of Learner Management Systems include: course calendars, learner messaging, assessing learners’ progress, testing learners as well as restricting the learners’ time to complete the selected course. The information gathered by the system can be stored on various servers and accessed in different locations.

Other Management Systems can also be incorporated with Learner management Systems, as is the trend today such as performance management, mutual learning, content management and succession management.

Using a Learner Management System has many benefits. It provides learners with immediate access to training and the system reduces delivery costs per course. LMS allows training to more learners and in the case of an employer using a Learner Management System; it gives employees more time to do their job by eliminating travel. The system also allows for self-paced training and by using a Learner Management System companies can now deliver new product training on time.