Can Artificial Intelligence replace jobs?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, in contrast with Human Intelligence, is intelligence by machine. A growing question in our minds is “Can Artificial Intelligence replace jobs”? AI includes computer vision, speech recognition, basic translation, navigation and more, areas previously covered by human intelligence. So yes, artificial intelligence (AI) does have the potential to replace jobs in these spheres.

However, it’s important to note that while AI can replace some jobs, it also has the potential to create new jobs and transform industries. It is in the way we adapt and work with the new technology. For example, as AI technology advances, new fields will open up including creation, and maintenance of AI systems. AI can help improve productivity and efficiency in various industries, leading to the creation of new jobs and opportunities.

Examples of jobs which could be replaced could be:

  • Customer services industries eg nursing, waitressing,
  • Proof-reading,
  • Basic design jobs
  • Reception work
  • Documentation / learning material creation
  • Courier services.

Overall, the impact of AI on replacing jobs will depend on the specific industry and type of job in question. While some jobs may be automated or eliminated, new jobs and opportunities will likely emerge as well. It’s important for individuals and organizations to stay informed about the latest developments in AI and be prepared to adapt to changes in the job market, and increase our learning. With technological advances, and increased need for affordable training, came Online Learning  which is now an everyday norm

Areas where AI cannot replace human intelligence include creativity such as Entrepreneurship, and  one to one client interaction or management.  In summary, AI is here to stay. It will be up to us to use it to the betterment of our environment far as reasonably possible






Article Author: Zelide Harris