Customising software:

Intoweb customises software in some areas of the user interface to align with your business, and to keep your company branding on your intranet, and ensure the processes and improve user experience.
Example: Membership application forms customised specific questions.

Integration: Customise software by integrating with existing systems (like CRM, third-party tools in some circumstances) to ensure seamless data flow and operations across the business.
Reporting and analytics: The Intoweb modules are setup with reporting, and where there are industry reports needed, systems are tailored to provide the required information


Workflow and process customization: Customization is done within the scope of the software abilities. E.g. Membership or student application forms and form groups are created specific to your company. Exiting templates are used where not alterations are required.
Data Management and Security: Offering solutions for data migration, storage, and security that meet the company’s requirements.
Compliance and regulatory requirements: Intoweb aims to ensure the software meets specific industry standards and regulatory requirements. Security measures are put in place to ensure information security

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