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Online document management software

Safely store your company documents with easy user access and rights in the Document Management System, which features categorization, integration into other intranet modules, and seamless navigation for enhanced security and efficiency.

Online document storage facilitates access online anytime, anywhere, ensures version control with real-time updates, and owner responsibility.

secure access to documents

Secure document storage

Secure document management is crucial, with access rights according to job description. User rights include the ability for the document author to decide on access, sharing documents among individuals, and determining visibility—whether public or confidential and per department or division.

Centralized repository

Multifunctional storage serves as a centralized repository for storing various types of documents.
Document management software integrates with this storage, allowing for organized categorization and efficient retrieval of documents.

Store client information, leads, marketing documents.

This versatile software allows for a variety of different document formats

centralized document storage
secure dms

Review and revision controls

Systematic version control where documents can be tracked and managed. Identify the latest version, reducing the risk of working with outdated or incorrect information. Document history ensures a comprehensive history of document changes.

Time efficiency

Streamline the document approval process, reducing the time for reviews. Make documents accessible easily for employees, clients or students with real time activation or deactivation of documents

efficient time use
Search documents

Search functionality

Multifunctional storage systems contribute to efficient document retrieval through search functionalities.
Document management software builds on this by implementing advanced search features. ‘Request documents’  option for document owners or users with certain rights,  or create a publically viewed document.

Store personal and company documentation

Integrate into the Contact/client management software to store client documents,


Efficient document storage using bulk upload and a multi-level filing

Save time and frustration by doing a bulk. The storage software allows for multi-layered approach where folders are inside folders.

Link documents to dashboard library

Link documents from the software module to the dashboard, for easy access