Photo gallery software

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Online gallery software for photos and videos to categorize, manage and record corporate events and important moments. The gallery software categorizes and organizes images into albums based on function. It allows you to keep records of all your company events, employees, conferences, and special moments. Accessible online from anywhere, the software also supports archiving as needed.

Albums can be set to public view or restricted to user uploads and creations. Photos/images can be uploaded in bulk and are supported in JPEG format.

Manage photo albums

  • Create photo albums for business, or public view
  • Record corporate events, conferences and memorable moments.
  • Unlimited uploads of photos
  • Categorise using albums, and  sub-albums
  • Label photos
  • Online storage of photos
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Manage video albums

  • Upload links to online video platforms
  • Upload and store videos
  • Add embed codes and mp4 links

Overview features

  • Upload and download images or videos
  • Create new, and disable albums
  • Remove and add photos
  • Name albums and sub-albums
  • User rights access
  • Online access
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Software integration

Fully integrates into other Intoweb software modules