Appraisal software

Create, manage and record employee performance appraisals. Create appraisals for staff, and allocate them for an appraisal period. Employees fill out their performance appraisal with a rating scale, managers then fill out their employees ratings, then they meet and discuss the results and agree on a final rating per item. The appraisal rating can be used for increases, coaching and disciplinary.

Key performance indicators (KPI)

  • KPIs are grouped under Key Performance Areas (KPAs)
  • Templates of KPIs are created for use for multiple employees
  • KPI templates can be created for specific job appraisal

Evaluate employee performance

  • Create appraisals per employee or in bulk
  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly, or probation evaluations
  • Assign general templates or both general and specific KPI templates
  • Set due dates

Performance ratings

  • KPIs can be weighted
  • Customisable rating scale, 1-3, 1-5, 0-4, etc
  • KPIs can be marked as not relevant, in instances where KPIs are only relevant at certain periods
  • Comments can be added

Notifications / alerts / reports

  • Notify access to appraisal
  • Notify appraisal completion
  • Alert managers, HR
  • Appraisal reports according to department, reviewer, assessment period, status