Leave Management Software

Apply, authorise and view the leave history. The Leave Software  allows for the import of leave for new employees. The system integrates into other software modules such as the HR / Employee records module and payroll software.

Multiple leave types

  • Set up leave types
  • Set according to South African legal leave requirements
  • Accommodates setup for different company specific leave types
  • Available/taken leave

Set up public holidays, company requirements

  • Public holidays automatically calculated
  • Additional leave administration

Applications, approvals and history available

  • Real-time tracking available/taken leave
  • Leave on own profiles for access
  • Notifications of approval/rejection

Calculation of leave owed/owing

  • Automatic updates monthly
  • Manual editing
  • Leave available/used
  • Document uploads


  • Leave types
  • Company/division/department leave
  • According to date/year/month
  • Various output types

Export to payroll

  • Export leave taken/available
  • Input to payroll

Online leave applications

  • Employees apply for leave according to leave type
  • Leave pre-set according to company and South African government settings
  • Public holidays and special government holidays automatically calculated
  • Manual administration by administrator

View leave requests

  • View leave requests
  • Multi-level authorisation
  • Reject or authorize leave
  • Upload documents for specific leave types
  • Notification regarding authorisation for easy tracking

Leave history

  • Track employees available leave
  • Record of own and employees leave history
  • Date range
  • Load supporting documentation

Leave summary for administrators

  • View employees leave summary
  • View own employee leave summary
  • View leave types, accepted, rejected
  • Edit
  • Authorise
  • Upload documentation