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Fleet / vehicle management software

Online software which will manage your fleet of vehicles efficiently with vehicle management system (fleet management software) Track and record vehicle maintenance, fuel costs and vehicle details allowing you to identify and mitigate risks for the company.

Vehicle management

  • Upload images of vehicle
  • Record vehicle details e.g. model, fleet number, vehicle registration / allocation
  • Link vehicle to the branch / division /department
  • Booking log
  • Fuel log
  • Daily log
  • Incident / accident information
  • Insurance
  • Warranties
  • Fines
  • Service details
  • Upload supporting documentation such as incident reports, affidavits, purchase agreements
  • General costs
vehicle application

Vehicle search

  • Search available vehicles
  • Select and request vehicle booking
  • Select date and time required
  • Status of booking request

Vehicle bookings

Request bookings with available vehicles relevant information such as

  • Fleet number
  • Select the vehicle being booked
  • Dates and times vehicle is required
  • Driver, passenger
  • View status of booking request

Administration Рprocess  vehicle booking requests

  • Administrators can approve or reject requests
  • View request details such as which car, driver and passenger
  • Full page overview of active vehicles
  • Branch administrators have access to Branch information
  • Head office has access to all branches / provinces

Dashboard information

  • Multiple dashboard options
  • Different branches with different logos / branding? Create a unique branch dashboard
  • Dropdowns on branch intranet specific to branch
  • Headoffice has consolidated dashboard view with access to branch information
  • Dashboard view of reports eg active vehicles / alerts / due for service / out for repairs

Active vehicle alerts

  • Licence expiry
  • Approval / rejection of booking


  • Identify and load employee authorised to be drivers
  • Upload driver documentation e.g. drivers license information, ID documents
vehicle reports


  • Vehicle status e.g. active / inactive / require booking approval
  • Licence expiry
  • Approval / rejection of booking
  • Vehicle report
  • Date specification