Online intranet software can seem overwhelming.

Ethical and other intranet guidelines

An intranet is an internal document and communication sharing software system, which includes a multitude of different software modules and groupings.

Maximise your Intranet’s effectiveness with these tips:


Base access to the intranet according to rights, roles and responsibilities of staff. IE, not everyone will have access to client accounts.  this improves security, follows POPI legislation, and simplifies the employees intranet using only what they need.


Password policies: create password policies which need to be implemented so that users can’t cross over onto another employee’s laptop or PC, thereby compromising security. Passwords should be complex, with the option to renew or use a ‘forget password’ option. Password integrity is vital to intranet security.

Security policies: Confidential information needs to be properly secured and access restricted. Create organizational policies, which ensure legal compliance regarding company and personal data.

Reports: Admins should be able to draw reports from Intranet modules, including intranet usage.

Content: Managing content effectively means using up to date and correct information, imports can improve your efficiency, where information can be bulk uploaded or imported. Create quality content, using images, videos etc to make sure employees are aware of it.  Plan content widgets to ensure you have the information employees need first, up front.
Communication: encourage communication through groups, forums, document sharing,  and online options.

Feedback: There needs to be a feedback mechanisms, help desk, induction and training for all staff members.

Change management: Encourage a training launch to involve staff, people generally need hype and gamification to make changes.

Training and support:

  • User training: Vital to enabling staff in using the intranet software. It also reduces the support required when the staff member hits a wall, by being able to self solve issues on the intranet, it empowers employees.

Technical support: Intranets needs a support team who are equipped in working on the system, fixing issues, or improving software. Having expert support means higher return on investment.