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Customizable Templates

The CMS has customizable templates for your company, enabling the creation, organization, and storage of information. It helps keep users updated, allows CEO messages, and facilitates newsletters. Additionally, you can upload photo profiles, manage birthday calendars, share success stories, and nominate employees for badges, contributing to smooth project management with specified task details and providing helpful tools through a “tip of the day” widget for your staff or learners.



Keep updated with tenders, leads and other exciting marketing news. Have the content accessible and updated in real-time means the user is constantly aware of increased business, as well as preventing duplications

Empower employees with a regulated knowledge base

Enable employees to make informed decisions, aligned with company goals and policies. Prevent rumours and misinformation by adding helpful tools, content and relevant information

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CEO Message

Incorporate visual appeal in the CEO message. Keep the company and stakeholders aligned with managements goals, while providing, with concise relevant content. Reduce frustration of misunderstandings, repetitive meetings and ineffective broken telephone

Company News, Events and Pictures

Actively promote events using the WYSIWYG editor to add news, end-of-year functions, and staff achievements This enables the company to showcase a dynamic and forward-moving nature. Visualizing advertised student events, staff training sessions, company functions, or notable achievements adds vitality to the team culture, emphasizing the organization’s lively and progressive character.

Content Management
Content management software

Create, store and retrieve company content

Do your employees know what is happening? Would you like to improve morale with positive company information? Have easy access to your valuable information, while encouraging a communicative team culture using content sharing

Photo attendance

Record attendance simply, through the photo attendance widget. Employees have access to update and improve their own photos, while personalising the dashboard.

photo attendance
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Set benchmarks for excellence

Keep employees up to date with the latest relevant news, updates and company information