Dashboards Software

An intranet dashboard is also known as the home – or landing page.  The dashboard software manages your intranet content from a central page allowing links to software modules, create visual representation of data, improve company communication. Intoweb’s dashboards software allows for multiple dashboards under one umbrella and as the intranet dashboard is the first point of contact between your intranet users and the software platform used to entice, engage and and enable your users with links to other areas such as Employee records, leave software, document and reports.  The dashboard carries the company branding and company communication

Using the multi-dashboard module allows you to have a unique and relevant software dashboard for each sub-company, or division or company group.

The dashboard page shows widgets which are used for different functions according to the modules purchased e.g. newsletters, reporting, leave information. Bring all your software platforms together on the intranet dashboard to enable easy and streamlined access from the central dashboard, just a click away.

Customisable dashboards

Create your own dashboard layout and format the page using the widgets (as per module purchased). Dashboards can be as big or small as needed.

Dashboard widgets

Intranet widgets:
Polls/surveys, News, Notices, Company Information, Knowledge base

HR widgets:
Leave, Birthdays, Calendars

Dashboards for education

  • Courses list
  • Student news
  • Staff news
  • Polls
  • Motivational message
  • Discussion forums
  • Library
  • Welcome message
educational dash
financial dashboard

Financial dashboard

  • Budgeting
  • Debtors
  • Leads
  • Requisitions
  • Claims
  • Graphs

How to make the most of the dashboard software

  • Use gamification tools to attract and engage with your employees
  • Train them on the dashboard, and make it the central point to work from. The more they use it, the more automatic using the software will become.
  • Link applicable content
  • Customize it with company colours and logos
  • Use graphs, calendars, out of office/leave calendars on the dashboard for easy access.