Form Generator

The forms generator software is used in the process flow for software, creating a fluidity in a logical and intuitive manner guiding users through the input processes efficiently. Creating consistency and uniformity, the form generator allows for uniformity, as well as flexibility in the fields. Data handling is streamlined for the collecting and processing of information.

forms admin

Multiple forms in form groups

  • Pre-existing forms
  • Create unique forms and form groups
  • Form groups creates uniform processes
  • Create ‘required’ and ‘optional’ fields
  • Link forms to multiple groups

‘Resume later’ facility


Multiple templates

  • Examples: Created forms to use examples
  • Contact details
  • Member details
  • Employee details
  • Recruitment questions
  • Enrolment and onboarding

Editable forms

  • Adjust placement in the workflow process
  • Create forms for specific processes
  • Create required and optional fields
  • Used for Student and member applications, recruitment software, supplier management, HR contact details, CRM client information
  • Application forms

Electronic signatures

  • Secure
  • Typing, stylus/finger
  • Uploading an image


  • Upload and download documents
  • Enable/delete and edit information
  • Edit/re-upload
  • Authorise documents