Project Management Software

Streamline and track your projects, the project cost and resources needed to complete a project. Divide them into practical tasks and milestones, delegate and follow-up on unresolved issues.

Create and organize projects

  • New projects
  • Continue existing projects
  • Include budget and time constraints for projects, resources
  • Allocate responsible parties
  • Set notifications access for managers, clients and resources
Project Management

Track projects

  • Times
  • Classify projects as complete, pending, ongoing
  • Track task completion
  • Track costings of projects

Prioritize tasks and milestones

  • Projects divided into practical aspects and delegated to relevant resource
  • Notification of new tasks/projects to resources
  • Prioritize according to urgency

Schedule projects

  • Per company/division
  • Per employee
  • Per date

Search feature

  • Existing and previous projects
  • Search completed projects
  • Keep accurate project history