Process flow

Workflow Management

The workflow software or process flow management software enables applications to be processed through a workflow. Workflow means tasks or activities which are systematically organised in a sequence, both manual and automated. The workflow software components include tasks, the sequence of tasks, resources to carry out the tasks, inputs and outputs (what is required to complete each task), and the dependencies related to the task in the workflow process.

Form generator

  • Multiple pages
  • Different question types
  • Electronic signatures
  • Dynamic fee calculator
  • ‘Resume later’ facility
  • Workflow selection
  • Contact information


  • Show steps
  • Email facility
  • Select for or form group for multiple workflows
  • Step authorisation
  • ¬†Draw reports: overdue applications, overdue processes
workflows process
workflow example

Applications and integration for the workflow software

  • Human resources
  • Contact and client records
  • Appraisals
  • Disciplinary
  • Student application
  • Financial software
  • Role allocation