ELearning content – Training material

The Edutrain system is a content delivery system i.e. online training material. content for in-person training, conferences and ecommerce courses. The training material software allows users to add content, videos, images, ebooks to engage and track your learners. Training integrates with some other platforms. Track learning content, edit or update material easily. Access is online, however the material can be used in multiple scenarios.

Elearning admin for training material

  • Create completion due date
  • Create training
  • Upload bulk training as pdf
  • Create categories
  • Set courses as standalone or group into programs
  • Export training
  • Setup course specifications

Course search

  • Search for courses and quickly access active ones.
  • Per category
  • Per course
  • Inactive/active
  • Search for students currently linked to a course

Access rights

  • Pending requests to do course
  • Deny / grant requests for training
  • Link to e-commerce as a product
  • Training records and history per learner – learners have a history of courses started and completed.
edutrain access rights

Draw reports

  • SAQA reports
  • According to qualification, category department, date
  • Class list
  • Completed
  • HTML, PDF, EXCEL format

Setup for administrators

  • Email templates for notification of students
  • Set courses for job titles
  • Copy eLearning
  • Set title names such as program or qualification
  • Set company specific colours

Certificate templates

  • Create template
  • Use company branding

Training material/content options:

  • PDF
  • Video
  • Images
  • Slides
  • Arrows
  • Hotspots

Track progress:

  • Shows learner progress
  • Online assessments
  • Track course completion
  • Add lecture notes to slides
  • Preassessment/post assessment before course progress

SAQA compliance

SAQA credits and NQF levels can be assigned to specific course, link to the various SAQA unit standards


Versatile and globally accessible

Our course software is designed to cater to diverse industries.
It accommodates the needs of students, scholars, employees, and facilitates e-commerce applications, ensuring a multifunctional and inclusive user experience.