The online assessment software allows for content creation, tracking of formative and summative assessments, timing of assessments and reporting. The assessment software is used in colleges, business and as part of the induction software for accurately assessing what the learner knows.

Easy online assessment creation

  •  WYSIWYG content editor allows for easy creation or carry over of questions
  • Create libraries, categories and link one assessment in multiple areas
  • Enable and disable questions
  • Add videos, pdfs, images into assessment questions

Enrolments on to assessments

  • Enrol classes or separate individuals onto assessments
  • Link assessments to training material (when EduTrain and Course Manager has been purchased)
  • Track assessment percentage/competency
  • Enrol new staff members on assessment questions linked to induction programs

Question difficulty ranking

  • Rank from 1 – 6
  • Set time parameters
  • Single and multiple attempts

Administrator set-up

  • Active, inactive tests/questions
  • Create categories for assessments
  • Create libraries of question groups
  • Authorisation of questions
  • Set how many attempts allowed
  • Set when to show marks

Assessment types

  • Multiple choice
  • True/ False
  • Yes/no
  • Essay / paragraph questions
  • Auto-marked
  • Lecturer marked
  • Labelling


  • Per student
  • Per test
  • Per class