EduCenter – Student Portal

The Student Portal software gives secure access to student information, courses and correspondence. Branded according to company colours, with the company logo, the student poral can be used to welcome students, connect them with each other, function as an essential link to contact details, course material and marks.

Secure student access

  • Unique username and password to EduCenter student portal
  • Reset username and password
  • Separate portal from administration
  • Access to enrolled courses, training or assessments as relevant to the student

View all my enrolled courses

  • View own courses
  • View new courses/courses for purchase
  • Track course progress and marks
  • Track assessment marks
  • Access to related material on the student dashboard such as extra reading material

Communication platform

  • Chat rooms, forums and online meetings access on the student dashboard
  • Create newsletters, important notes, calendar bookings
  • Student collaboration forums access when this module has been purchase
  • Online meetings and training access
  • Assists in tracking which students have logged in to the training by identifying the learners username

Student profile information

  • Access to the student’s quotes, invoices, statements and financial status when these modules have been purchased
  • Update student contact details/photo
  • Edit own contact details

Portal branding

  • Create company look and feel by means of the template eg add college/company logo
  • Add ‘Welcome’ letter or relevant information
  • Set company colours
  • Access to other software such as Attendance, Leave, Document Management software where relevant for student (subject to purchase of relevant modules)

Why do we need an engaging student portal software?

Centralized access: the student portal provides a single platform for accessing all course materials, assignments, and grades, student finances and streamlines the learning process.
Improve communication: Students can communicate with instructors, and fellow students. Students can ask questions, find important documentation and track their marks using a user-friendly student portal. Students can update their contact information, and purchase new courses.
Encourages better student time management: Helps students manage their schedules, deadlines, and academic progress. Intoweb’s software is integrating gamification to encourage engagement
Resource access: Instant access to learning resources, library materials, and support services, enhancing the learning experience.