Motivate your employees to be high performers with 10 easy tips.


1. Set achievable  and clear expectations/goals: Lay out a road map of where you are going, this is what we are wanting to achieve and how Use the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) to have tangible and do-able steps.

2. Be the LEADER that you would like to follow. Practice what you preach

3. Communicate clearly: between different management layers, for and to your staff allow for better understanding in the team, less frustration and helps to keep everyone on track and working towards the same outcome. Clear communication motivates the employees by creating a positive team culture.

4. Providing proper training can motivate your employees through empowerment: Ensuring your staff is well-trained in their roles is essential to their success. Take the time to provide the necessary training and resources to help them perform their job duties efficiently.

5. Streamline processes: Look for ways to streamline processes to reduce the time and effort required for repetitive tasks. Automating or simplifying processes  using workflow software can improve efficiency and productivity. imagine a workflow where students can enroll onto a course automatically, or employees can sign up for a course online, notifications make you aware of outstanding tasks, and employees are notified of outstanding information. Streamlining processes are vital in motivating your employees to and enabling them to be high performers with these tips.


6. Give a sense of mission/vision: What are your team fighting for? How are they changing the world? Make it visible, and get employee input to ensure participation.

7. Delegate tasks effectively: Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and delegate tasks accordingly. Assigning tasks that align with their skill set can help to boost their confidence and productivity.

8. Provide regular feedback: Provide regular feedback to your staff, both positive and constructive, to help them see their progress and the corrections they need to make. This can help them understand what they’re doing well and where they can improve, which can help them become more efficient. Feedback should be clear and specific. Start with what they did well, or where specifically they need to change always start with the positive. Correct employees or people privately, praise publicly. Public feedback in the negative is unacceptable behaviour.


9. Encourage breaks and relaxation: Use your time and attendance software to plan breaks, and time off for your employees. Staff should take breaks throughout the day to recharge and refocus. A well-rested and relaxed staff member is more efficient and productive than an overworked and stressed-out one. Use your intranet to give positive and helpful “quote of the day”, or even better, ask them to add a positive and motivational comment, with gamification to encourage participation.

10. Believe in your team – Stand up for your team in public, in meetings, and in front of other departments. Your employees are watching you. An honest assessment regarding their strengths and weakness within the department and their performance in the bigger business environment is vital, using a positive spin. As an example of the Pygmalion effect, where positive belief in your team motivates them to work harder within the team.

11. Motivate your employees with incentives – as long as rewards are achievable: Offering achievable incentives can motivate your staff to perform more efficiently. This could be in the form of bonuses, extra vacation days, or other rewards. Some of the rewards leaders chose might be very long-term, and seem unachievable. Use short-term incentives, in a meaningful way to celebrate progress.

Motivate your employees to become more efficient, productive, and successful team.