Helpdesk support

Software support

Help Desk Support: Send through tickets to the support helpdesk for errors, user issues.

Server support: Monthly hosting and support, yearly hosting and support and software as a service are available packages.

Technical Support Levels:

  • Basic support for common issues and questions.
  • More in-depth technical support, often involving developers.
  • Advanced support, usually involving senior developers who can address complex issues or bugs.

Account Manager: Where the helpdesk is unable to help, your client support manager is your point of contact helping to streamline communication and ensure client satisfaction.

Online Resources: Training material, FAQ pages.

Training and Onboarding: Clients receive initial training to support you in the use of the software.

SLAs: These agreements define the expected response times, resolution times, and availability of support, setting clear expectations for both parties.

Customization Support: Customised support packages for specific designed intranet projects.