Can company’s consolidate their intranet and company branding?

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Top tips to combine the intranet and company branding

1. Have a consistent visual identity

Branding Integration: Incorporating the company’s logo, color scheme, fonts, and design elements to reinforces the company’s visual identity and branding. This means that the viewer will be constantly working with the image, building loyalty to the brand. The consistent branding helps employees internalize the company’s look and feel, fostering a unified corporate image.

2. Communicate company core values and culture

Manage content and online messaging:
Use the intranet to convey the company’s mission, vision, and values. Add regular updates, articles, and messages from the CEO and executors  / leadership about company culture and values help embed these principles into everyday work life, strengthening the overall brand.

3. Employee engagement and ambassadorship

Encourage use of discussion forums, webinars, blogs, and multimedia content on the intranet. If staff conferences work through the intranet platforms, then it breaks the barrier stopping employees from engaging. Employees are more likely to engage when they are forced to do so. Gamification on the intranet encourages employee interaction, more interaction means they are more likely to use it for the job as intended, leading to more reliable reports and  and engagement. Engaged employees are more likely to become brand ambassadors, promoting the company’s brand positively both internally and externally.

4. Alignment and consistency across branches / departments

Consolidate corporate information: For multinational companies or those with multiple offices, an intranet ensures that all employees receive the same information and updates. This consistency helps maintain a cohesive brand message and standardizes communication across different regions and departments.

5. Showcase achievements and success stories

Highlight corporate milestones: The intranet can be used to showcase company achievements, project successes, and employee accomplishments. Celebrating milestones and achievements and boosts morale but also reinforces the company’s brand narrative of success and excellence.


It makes sense to leverage the intranet in your corporate promotion, the software can significantly contribute to strengthening and promoting company branding, making it an invaluable tool for internal communication and corporate identity. In the long term, the return of investments is improved