Online disciplinary software for employees

Online disciplinary software to manage, track and report on employees disciplinary issues within the company, whatever the company size.

Small business owners cannot afford a dedicated human resources department. Most Human Resource departments are spinning in tight circles constantly reinventing disciplinary letters and procedures. This is where an online disciplinary software for employees comes in with much needed solutions.

The task of managing employee discipline is usually a hot potato that is passed around which leaves business highly vulnerable when real delicate issues arise. If your organisation’s disciplinary actions vary from one employee to the next, you are treading on dangerous legal ground. What solutions are available to you?

Online disciplinary software for employees comes in the form of online software modules. Documents, records, incidents reports are loaded, procedures followed and disciplinary status with notifications. This enable HR staff to keep up to date with what is happening, keeping continuity and objectivity in the disciplinary process.

Ideally, it is recommended that all parties who are involved in disciplinary practices within an organisation go through some form of recognised workshop on South African labour practices. Knowledge of the disciplinary process is vital as the disciplinary software process does not replace expertise, rather it helps the expert work through matters faster and more confidently.

The disciplinary software contains templates and other resources that allow you to consistently apply a streamlined process. These resources include disciplinary form templates such as, disciplinary notices, disciplinary action forms, and employee probation agreements.


The disciplinary process software does allow considerable customisation where you have various guides to include your disciplinary policies. The various templates can be customised to reflect your company logos and information, etc.

Further templates for the first and second warning letters and the final letter are given. Termination policy outlines as well as termination form templates are provided. Once these sensitive and important documents have been adapted to the organisation, it is recommended that you have proper legal counsel check them finally before use to ensure that everything adheres to due process.

The online disciplinary software for employees follows a process flow and the consistency allows the business owner and managers to concentrate on the core business operations. In HR departments it reduces the amount of physical documentation that needs to be in place. All in all the software addresses an essential facet of HR management, which is unavoidable and a must for any progressive organization or business.

What features does the software offer?

Tracking and Documentation:
Log incidents, document disciplinary actions, and keep detailed records.
Performance Management:
Link to the appraisals module, where there are tools for performance reviews, set skills management goals using the Skills development software.
Compliance and Reporting:
Keep records of actions which don’t comply with legal standards, generate reports for audits, and ensure compliance well as to the company policies.
Notifications and Alerts:
Set alerts for deadlines and upcoming reviews or actions.
Compatible with the HR software, payroll, and other Intoweb software.

discipline software

Is the disciplinary software user-friendly?
Yes, the software is easy to use, and user right access settings allow security of data.
Training and Support of the disciplinary software is done with all employees, and system administrator who require training, with purchase, and training material available as a recap as needed. Intoweb support is available, for system support as well as training support

Can the disciplinary software for employees be customised?
There is customisation in some areas, such as branding, or documents needed for the customer to the templated software allowing for options to tailor the software to specific organizational needs.

How secure is the software?
Data Protection measure are in place using user rights access as well as software protection.

Is the disciplinary software access controlled?
The Disciplinary software Administrator  has the ability to set employee permissions and control access to information.

Can the disciplinary software handle multiple locations or departments?
Yes. Departments, locations, divisions and areas of work within the company are categorised. The software is not limited to amount of people or areas

Is there a centralized dashboard?
Intoweb’s disciplinary software uses a centralized dashboard to oversee all operations across the organization.

What are the costs involved?
Prices are according to the modules purchased, as well as the setup required. A 50% deposit is required for activation and we walk the road with you in training on the software, and with the initial setup of the software.