Employee Records System

The Human Resources Information System  (HRIS), is a comprehensive software that encompasses personal, contact, financial, work, training, coaching, documents, and assets. The base HRIS can be expanded with Leave, Personal Development Plans, appraisals, skills development, organograms, payroll and disciplinary systems.


Personal details and Bio

  • Add contact details
  • First and second language proficiency
  • Nationality, ethinicity, gender
  • Disability information
  • Bio profiles such as  previous work experience, background, interests, skills
  • Personality Approximation Test

Work details

  • Employment type
  • User access rights are set by administrator allowing access to information according to job title
  • Job title and history
  • Occupational categories
  • Managers reporting to
  • Training
  • Start dates / termination details

Financial details

  • Record bank details for salary payments
  • Full audit trail bank details, edit, add multiple bank accounts with proof of bank documentation
  • Record SARS Tax number
  • Medical aid information
  • Provident fund information

Contracts and documents

  • Upload HR contracts, NDAs
  • Identity documents
  • Driver’s permits
  • Bank confirmation
  • Confirmation of disability


  • Representation of reporting structure
  • Canters for multiple companies, and inter-company reporting complexities
  • Customisable fields
  • Company restructuring organogram builder
  • Vacant positions, with optional integration to Recruitment Module
  • Handles large company career paths and organograms

Self service

  • Employee can propose changes to their details
  • Upload own profile image
  • Authorisation process once employee has uploaded details by Manager or HR
  • No information is updated until authorised
HR reports


  • POPI compliant
  • Staff list in my department according to access rights
  • Reports according to user rights access e.g. and administrator can view personnel details
  • Missing information on HRIS profiles
  • Status report
  • Export reports for administrators e.g. system usage by staff, staff and contractor contact details lists, employment equity, vacancies when Recruitment Software purchased

Staff directory

  • Available only for System Administrators per department/division/company
  • Inactive/active staff
  • Email list
  • Working hours list
  • Export staff list to excel

Data health

  • Check missing information in employee profiles such as ID numbers, dates started, job titles, leave profiles
  • Identify and correct missing data