Employee Records System

The Human Resources, or Employee Records software, consolidates the areas relevant to workers, including staff, contractors and directors  in the company. The software spans over departments, divisions and company groups to ensure you have all your employee records in one place. The software links into other expansion modules such as Leave and Payroll systems. It integrates directly into the Intoweb software modules. The Employee Records system contains areas for personal and professional details, documents, and history as well as disciplinary. These records are essential for HR management, payroll processing, and compliance with South African legal and regulatory requirements.


Contact details

  • Create employee, contractor and ad hoc staff profiles
  • Upload photos, ID documents, driving permits and other essential information
  • Next of Kind
  • Link to managers, and automatically update the organogram
  • Disable / enable profiles while keeping records

Work details

  • User access rights
  • Job description and history
  • Training
  • Start/termination information
  • Language proficiency
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Bio
  • Medical condition history
  • Disability information
  • Transport eg own/public

Financial details

  • Record bank details for salary payments
  • Delete bank details, edit, add multiple bank accounts with proof of bank documentation
  • Record SARS Tax number
  • Authorise acceptance of bank details
  • Add payrun information
  • Medical aid information
  • Set Payroll period, payroll number
  • Set hourly cost
  • Provident fund join date

Contracts and documents

  • Upload HR contracts, NDAs
  • Identity documents
  • Driver’s permits
  • Bank confirmation
  • Confirmation of disability


  • Link recorded information to organogram
  • View persons reporting to, and those reporting to the staff member
  • Visual hierarchy with images
  • Staff can upload own images
  • View departments, divisions and company overview according to rights access

Self service

  • Employee upload own documents
  • Upload own profile image
  • Upload own Bank and personal details, financial details
  • Authorisation process once employee has uploaded details by Manager or HR

Data import/export

  • Contact details
  • Bank details



  • Daily HR report
  • Active/inactive user report
  • Personal details report
  • Documents report
  • Permanent/temporary, contractor staff report
  • Vacancy report
  • Employment equity report


  • Directory list
  • Payroll employee details
  • Missing information
  • Status report
  • Export reports
HR reports

Staff directory

  • Per department/division/company
  • Inactive/active staff
  • Email list
  • Working hours list
  • Export staff list to excel

Data Health

  • Authorise information uploaded
  • Download report for missing employee information
HR expansion modules

Expansion modules

  • Payroll software
  • Leave software
  • Timesheets software
  • Disciplinary software
  • Appraisal software