Invoicing Software

Automate the creation and management of invoices. Manage and maintain financial records with the Invoicing software. The invoicing software streamlines the process of billing clients and tracking payments allows for efficient managing of outstanding moneys, and can be placed as a once off invoice or recurring  invoicing structure.

Client details

  • Contact information
  • Line of business
  • Contact person / account administrator
  • Accounts manager to which invoices should be emailed
  • Tel number, cellphone number, email addresses, postal addresses
  • Upload company logo
authorise quote

Create invoices

  • Monthly recurring
  • Standalone invoices
  • Convert quote and proforma invoice to invoices
  • Print / email created invoices
  • Add items in conjunction with the products module
  • unique invoice number

Company details

  • Setup the details on the invoicing software to show on the invoice
  • Company registration number
  • Set up as taxable or not  (vat or non-vat)
  • Vat
  • Bank account details
invoice administration

Invoice administration

  • Invoice contains company details
  • Shows itemized information, with costing
  • Select person from company profile to receive account email
  • Create once-off / ad hoc invoice or recurring monthly invoice
  • Modify date of invoice being sent
  • Add or remove items
  • Auto calculation of invoice total
  • Notes field
  • Individual item costing
  • Print invoice

Invoice recording

  • Statement automatically updated
  • Credit note function
  • View all created invoices for client
  • Outstanding invoices / amounts highlighted
  • View all outstanding invoices to company
  • Invoice creator recorded
invoices add payments

Add payments

  • Amount paid per bank
  • Link to invoice number
  • Add date of payment
  • Records person capturing payment
  • Add as bulk amount, and allocate to various invoices
  • Add method of payment e.g. debit order, eft
  • Automatic calculations and update of total owing
  • View invoice linked to payment history
  • Highlighted non=paid invoices

Invoice details

  • Creator of invoice
  • Invoice status eg authorised
  • Items being invoiced for
  • Total
  • Vat amount
  • option to email, print
  • PO information (number)

Proforma invoices

  • Create proforma invoice
  • Add items, remove items not accepted
  • Record client acceptance of proforma invoice / quote
  • Convert to invoice

Purchase orders

  • Link purchase order number
  • Upload PO document
  • Links PO to invoice and relevant payment
Invoice purchase order


  • Updated as invoice created or payment added
  • Select statement according to date range
  • Print, email statements