Do you think your company doesn’t need Contact Management Software? A way you can figure it out is by asking your self; Does your company need organization, do you want to honor your top sales people, is your staff never on the same page and do you have a need for quick reporting? If so, you will hugely benefit by implementing Contact Management Software.

Intowebs Contact Management Software, unlike other contact software, consists of more than merely capturing contact & leads; it advances you to the next level of pursuing your clients in the most effective & productive way, thus maximizing hot leads and converting them to successful sales.

Contact Management Software forms part of a much larger business system called client relationship management (CRM). A CRM system implements Contact Management Software and is critical for sales where a relationship with your clients is key to your sales process. Intowebs Contact Management Software along with our CRM system, integrates a portfolio of contact management features, accessible remotely via the internet, ensuring access to all employees at all times.

Intowebs Contact Management Software allows you full functionality around your contact management including:

  • New Contacts – Add new contacts into your system to ensure all employees has access to all internally used contacts within your company, even if you have many national branches or offices.
  • New Companies – Add new companies to your Contact Management Software, eliminating double work on contacting clients or cold calling, always have updated company details including addresses, contact persons, e-mail addresses etc.
  • Contact categories – Neatly sort your contacts into categories, customizing your contact types you’re your specific needs.
  • Import/Export functionality – Intowebs Contact Management Software ensures that you can easily import or export your contacts, allowing compatibility with other contact software and reliable back-ups.

The system also has an optional component to allow your clients to view and update their details in a controlled manner.

For a full Contact Management Software package including software that will facilitate your whole sales process, listing all e-mail & telephonic correspondence between your company and its clients, enhance your hot leads and improve your successful sales figures, also see Intwebs CRM software.