Looking for a user-friendly, yet high functionality Learnership Management Software system?

An online LMS saves time and enhances productivity and also increases learner engagement through the use of standalone modules, which can all be integrated into a comprehensive on-suite system. Online learner management systems allow you to train staff remotely, assess objectively, and consolidate training and reports.

Online Learner Management Systems should provide the following:

Efficient course management: Intoweb’s software enables you to create custom courses using your own content or choose from a wide array of ready-made courses covering topics like Microsoft Software (Word, Excel, etc.) and various office soft skills. This flexibility ensures that learners enjoy an engaging educational experience and achieve optimal outcomes from their learning efforts.

Used for college and business requirements: LMS systems should be customisable, to incorporate staff or student inductions, percentage vs competency marking, and useful for employee promotion courses.


Online learning

SAQA links:
Courses on the learner management system should chow the NQF levels, SAQA accreditation links and be useful for POE purposes

Dynamic content delivery:
Online learner management software should support a variety of content types, including screenshots with descriptive arrows and floating text, audio for simultaneous reading and listening, video content, and interactive tests and questionnaires. This multi-sensory approach is designed to cater to different learning styles, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the training provided. In this way, the learner is stimulated through multiple senses

Customizable access and scheduling:
Set specific access rights within the Learnership Management software to control course participation. Courses can be assigned to individual learners or entire departments, with the addition of due dates to ensure timely completion and facilitate better planning and scheduling of future training sessions.

Streamlining the certification process. Simply scan and upload certificates to the system, assign them to the appropriate courses, and automatically send them to learners upon course completion. Learners can also access and download any earned certificates at their convenience.

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Advanced reporting tools:
The software needs to include comprehensive reporting capabilities, providing detailed insights into course attendance, completion rates, and learner progress. Custom reports can also be tailored to meet specific management needs, offering a valuable tool for evaluating the effectiveness of training programs.

Enhanced communication features:
The learner management system allows notifications to alert learners about new course assignments, upcoming due dates, and other important updates. Instructors will also receive notifications when learner’s complete courses, ensuring smooth and continuous communication.

Live video streaming:
For institutions requiring live instruction, the online learner management system can incorporate live video streaming. This feature is ideal for extending the reach of lectures to remote learners or other branches, ensuring that everyone has access to quality education regardless of their location.

Intoweb’s Learner Management Software Capabilities:

A standout feature of Intoweb’s Learnership Management Software is its robust e-learning capabilities. Learners can access all course materials online from anywhere in the world, significantly broadening the educational reach and making learning accessible in previously unreachable areas.

Enhance your e-learning experience even further by combining your Learnership Management Software system with Intoweb’s other Learner Management systems including: