The Intoweb college software suite

We have a comprehensive suite for college software needs. The Intoweb software modules for colleges gives a comprehensive cover, from recording and managing staff, to student management, the creation and presenting of your online learning needs, and can even track in-person learning and attendance records.

The software has been designed to be fully integrated with Intoweb software, which means that you can build your college software as the needs arise

Learner management system

  • Create and add training material
  • Online assessments
  • Assignment tracking
  • Enrolment
  • Track marks, assessment auto marking
  • Track learning progress
  • Reports
  • Student finances – invoice students, and track payments made

Student portal

  • Communication
  • Online lectures
  • Online student contact
  • Student and college news
  • Notifications

Course booking

  • Student calendars
  • Events management
  • Ad hoc seminars
calendar course booking

Student portfolios

  • Contact information
  • Course leads
  • Next of kin
  • Link to LMS for enrolment
  • Link to financial software for managing finances
student portfolio

Document management

  • Student library
  • Staff documents
  • Lecturer notes
  • Link qualification specific notes

CRM and leads management

Track and manage interactions with prospective students

Create workflow processes for enrolments



  • Track student attendance
  • Integrate into progress and reports