Intoweb specializes in helping small, medium and large companies with business software solutions to consolidate and process company information. The Intoweb corporate software modules which consolidate and streamline business processes, can be used as standalone or as a software suite to manage your admin better. The main pillars of intranet modules include financial management (eg. Quotes & invoices, budgeting), human resource management, (appraisals, timesheets, recruitment, leave, payroll), learner management software (eg training content, assessments, student finances) and intranet software (eg user’s dashboard, content management, DMS, collaboration)
We allow for a certain amount of customization on our various management modules as we understand that every company operates in a different way.

Business software solutions enable capturing, processing and storage of their data and processes improving business outcomes and reducing costs. The online software can be accommodated by a wide range of businesses in different fields.

Business  software solutions can range from any manual process through to sending employees their payslips. System software integration also plays a big role in business solutions, as companies want all the different system to be able to talk to one another

Businesses need a software solution for several critical reasons, but here are three key points:

Efficiency and Productivity:

Software solutions automate many routine tasks, from data entry and analysis to reporting and customer relationship management. By automating these processes, businesses can significantly reduce the time and effort required for day-to-day operations, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks that add greater value to the business. This automation leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

Data Accuracy:

A good software solution ensures that data across the organization is accurate, consistent, and easily accessible. With centralized data management, businesses can prevent the common pitfalls of data duplication and errors. This accuracy is crucial for making informed decisions, maintaining regulatory compliance, and understanding business performance at any given moment.


Software Accessibility

Data and information is ‘user rights protected’, where users have access to the business software according to their roles, responsibility and authority. Users each have unique password logins.

For public view, information can be made public eg free articles for members, course descriptions for potential students, calendar events.


Business Software Solutions – Integration examples:

CRM – Invoicing, Quotes, Calendar etc.
HR – Payroll, Calendar, Incidents, Appraisals, Online Leave
DMS – Policy Enforcement System

LMS – student finances and learner enrolment

For more information on business solutions and custom software development, feel free to contact one of our intranet specialist for a live demonstration of our existing systems